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UTF8 Converter is an easy-to-use UTF8 conversion application that can help you batch convert multiple ansi/UTF8/non Unicode encoding documents between any encoding, and supports Unicode(UTF8/UTF-16/UTF-7/UTF-32), French ISO-8859-1, Thai ISO-8859-11, Chinese simplified GBK, Chinese traditional BIG5, Japanese SHIFT-JIS, Japanese EUC-JP. Korean euc-kr character encoding and more, and it can process thousands of files within several minutes. To be sure in the correctness of text, it can be checked and proofread online by professional services like Wizessay

It can convert non Unicode to UTF8, for examples, convert French to UTF8, convert Thai to UTF8, convert Chinese simplified GBK to UTF8, convert Chinese traditional BIG5 to UTF8, convert Japanese to UTF8, convert iso8859-1 to UTF8, and convert ansi to UTF8 ect.

It also can convert from UTF8 to non Unicode, for example, convert UTF8 to GBK, convert UTF8 to BIG5, convert UTF8 to Japanese, convert UTF8 to iso8859-1, and convert UTF8 to ansi ect.

It also can convert between Unicode/UTF8 Encoding, for example, convert UTF-16 to UTF8, convert UTF8 to UTF-16.

UTF8 Converter just does plain text conversion, fox example it can convert .txt text files, .php files, .xml files, .html files and more from ansi to UTF8. UTF8 Converter is not a file format converter! fox example can not convert PDF to text files; from Word to Html files or anything else like that. 

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What's New

2012-06-30 Release UTF8 Converter v2.0 build120630, add function that the destination file has same file time as the source file, thanks for Mark Ogier’s advice.

2012-03-14 Release, UTF8 Converter v2.0 build120314, fixed utf8 conversion error.

2011-05-31 Release, UTF8 Converter v1.0 build110531, updated product help information and application text information, very thanks for Peter Polash’s kindly help.

2010-08-30 Release, UTF8 Converter v1.0 build100827, add command line interface, thanks for Thomas Jensen’s advice.

2010-05-25 Release, UTF8 Converter v1.0 build100525, added NO BOM utf-8 file format to destination file format list. In UTF8 Converter GUI, you only select “unicode 8 bit (utf-8) NO BOM” item from destination file format list, then do conversion, final you can get no BOM utf-8 files, thanks for Gert Van Assche’s idea.

2009-10-20 Release, UTF8 Converter v1.0 build091020, fixed conversion error while selecting "convert files to same file path".

2009-10-10 release, UTF8 Converter v1.0 build091009.


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